Mission & Goals – February 2020

EMTSP Goals and Action Items – February 2020

Goal 1: Information Exchange

Objective 1:  Provide National and Regional Partnership Meetings

Action: Assist partnerships in creating agendas and finding speakers

Action: Assist partnerships in maintaining work activities and periodic communications

Action: Include networking opportunities to enhance state-state information sharing

Objective 2: Assist agency communications with contact information

Action:  Maintain list of agency contacts on website; with annual update

Action:  Provide attendee list of all meetings

Action:  Use surveys to answer questions of interest by fleet managers; post survey results on website

Objective 3: Maintain relationships with MaC, TRB and FWHA

Action: Hold Oversight Panel Meeting in conjunction with annual MAC meeting

Action: Participate in Equipment Management TWG meeting at MAC meeting.

Action: Invite FHWA Liaison to all conference calls, MaC TWG and Oversight Panel meetings

Action: Work with TRB to develop workshops and webinar and in defining RN’s 

Action:  Obtain input from TRB on new and advancing technologies

Objective 4: Provide professional development

Action: Provide WBT, consider development of web-based mobile applications

Action: Maintain content on EMTSP website; including technical equipment specifications

Action: Oversight Panel provides EMTSP Website content review

Action: Evaluate development of associated AASHTO Certification or Certificate program for agency fleet managers, beginning with a certificate program in the short term, certification program in the long term

Action: Utilize webinars as a training delivery tool; sources include EMTSP, NCHRP, TRB, FHWA and other research authorities

Action: Identify potential topics and champions for POD casts; evaluate in one year

Objective 5: New Technologies

Action: Promote working with technology transfer groups to assist in the development, deployment and implementation of new research findings and technologies

Action: Develop improved topic search capabilities for the EMTSP website

Action: Update website to include partnership by-laws and officer list on an annual basis

Action: Update website to include all EMTSP resolutions

Action: Develop a common content format for all regional partnerships

Action: Evaluate including a tab on the EMTSP website for new technologies

Action: Video record presentations and tag those that relate to new technologies

Action: Make agencies aware of new and proposed rules and regulations at Regional and National conferences; consider sending email advisories

Objective 6:  Engage with Manufacturers

Action: Include input from local and national vendors in reports and presentations at national and regional meetings

Action: Compare specifications and approaches for equipment items and present at regional and national meetings

Action: Continue to have manufacturers identify future trends they see in next 3-year period; identify presentations of special and common interest.

Action: Provide opportunities to discuss new and proposed equipment technologies

Goal 2:  Research

Objective 1:  Identify Research topics

Action:  Solicit potential research ideas at national and regional meetings, TRB AHD60, MaC and others.  Follow the research roadmap.

Action: Identify needed research and the most viable approach to conduct that research

Action:  Develop scan tour proposals and seek funding from AASHTO, FHWA or regional partnerships

Action:  Identify peer to peer opportunities and funding options

 Objective 2:  Actively participate in the NCHRP research process

Action:  Identification of RNSs

Action:  Prioritization of RNS through regional partnerships

Action:  Marketing top priorities to MAC using the prioritization

Action:  Develop and submit the RNS.

Action:  Encourage members to participate on NCHRP panels if requested.

Objective 3:  Promote implementation of research

Action:  Make agencies aware of recently completed research.  Discuss/determine whether Completed research is ready for implementation

Action:  Identify a few early adoption lead states

Action:  Have early adopters present their experiences.  What did they have to do in order to implement?

Action: Seek implementation funding.

Objective 4: Identify on-going and completed Fleet Management related research and link onto EMTSP website

Action: Develop tab or process to upload research links.  Identify format.

Action: Develop a plan on how to collect state research information.


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